Tuesday, June 2

GnR Readies for Betties

To get ready for their upcoming semi-final re-bout with the Betties on the 13th, GnR has been practicing hard. Very hard. X-tremely hard.

So hard that they've been hurting themselves at practice: Hard Knox, Cherry Lipsmacker, and Smack Ya Sideways have all hurt themselves (or each other, depending on who you ask) during recent practices.

Kn0X0rs's ACL is partially torn and sprained. She won't need surgery, but she won't skate on the 13th. With her mutant healing powers, she expects to be back on her wheels for the championship bout on the 27th.

Cherry sprained her MCL (yes, there are four separate ligaments in your knee) last week but plans to skate on the 13th. (Because she's tough, dammit!)

And Smack Ya has injured her shoulder but has been practicing. She'll skate on the 13th too because "Betty gonna pay what she owe!"

The GnRs have also been working on building trust among the team. According to Mullet and November Pain, "Trust" stands for:

  • Tremendous
  • Rock-tastic
  • Über
  • Stars
  • Totally

(I might have misunderstood that a bit—Mullet was talking with her mouth full and Pain kept bursting out shouting "I am a champion! I am GnR!"—so it may have been: "Totally Rocking it Under Stress, Totally." Or something else entirely.)

GnR are huge Storm Large fans (who isn't?), and I've heard that Storm has apparently taken some time during her Crazy Enough run to record a special performance to inspire her favorite RCR team. Watch it here.

(Ok, maybe that performance wasn't *just* for GnR. Maybe I'm not that careful with the "facts" sometimes. But really, this isn't a "journalism" kinda blog. The internets are cluttered enough with those already.)

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  1. That was so nice of Storm. I wonder if she'll come to the championship bout on June 27th? Someone should send her an invite.