Thursday, February 10

Another Rumor

I'll let Scald and Reina take it from here.

Scald Eagle and Rolla Reina

Photo by Lisa Burke.

Yup. That's the rumor I've heard too.

\m/ \m/



  1. Yup. Scald is one of the newest members of AOA. Mercy is the other one.

  2. Sweet!

    AoA just got substantially TALLER. :)

  3. I hear she also made the Cherry City roster. What're that means.

  4. Mercy is highly deserving of the promotion as well--strong ass blocker.

    Maybe we'll see both wearing purple and black in the fall.


  5. I love GnR and their post..and don't get me wrong......I Love Scald Eagle, but is there any other new things in GnR or is every new post going to be about Eagle, how about the new draftees or more about the last bout anything???? NEW PLEASE....and gay is great but that has nothing to do with Being a great skater!