Tuesday, February 8

Itzo EZ: Fresh Meat

You may have heard the rumors: Itzo EZ is back on Fresh Meat.

Unfortunately, this is only partially true.

Let me explain:

Itzo EZ is on Fresh Meat. But this is, in fact, her first time on Fresh Meat.

You see, EZ is not only a founding GnR, but she's a founding Rose City Rollers skater, so back when EZ joined up, a lot of things were different. There was no Fresh Meat. No drafts. No helmets. (There may not have been an actual "Rose City Rollers.") And while EZ has been reffing since she retired from GnR two seasons ago, she's decided to stop talking about what it might be like to come back as a skater and go ahead and do it, so she's signed on to Fresh Meat for the first time ever.

(All of the pics here are, I believe, from Season 2. Wrench and Rolla ReinaWrench and Rolla Reina

Axl Blows, always a bargain at $50. Wrench and Rolla Reina watch from the bench.

Photo by Skippy Steve. http://stevenlprice.smugmug.com/

Wrench and Rolla Reina are skating against the Sockit Wenches, and I think Blood Clottia is sitting with the Betties during the GnR v. Heathers boutItzo EZ v. Heartless Heathers

GnRs Jett Scream, Peril Lust (?), and Itzo EZ skate against the Heathers Sump Pump and Goodie Two Skates.

Photo by Skippy Steve. http://stevenlprice.smugmug.com/

GnR v. Heathers bout. Skippy Steve has lots of early RCR pics—check out his SmugMug galleries!)

As I understand it, she plans to keep working as an official even after she gets drafted by a league team. (God, I hope that team is GnR!) I don't understand how being both a skater and a ref works, but I'll accept that she and the league have that worked out. I don't think we can ever have too many good refs, so despite my tendency to quibble and raise objections at every opportunity, however the league has worked that out, it works for me.

And if it works for her, let's see a bunch of skaters put on the stripes. What can it hurt? Skaters often appreciate officials who have been skaters themselves, and seeing the sport from the other side of the line will probably help skaters in their own bouts.

So just how soon is EZ draft eligible? :D

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  1. I'm very excited but the first thing I thought when I heard this was "Couldn't she have waited until AFTER I got drafted??"

    But really, I'm very excited.

  2. I hear the next draft is scheduled for March 10th, and as long as she meets the attendance requirements she should be eligible in plenty of time for that.

  3. Im so excited for EZ to come back. EZ was one of the jammers I looked up to when I was brand new. She makes jamming look EZ!