Monday, February 22

Some Things That ROCK!

Iron Maidens.

The Runaways.

Blood Clottia
Blood Clottia and Evilia D. Stroiu

Blood Clottia in a unitard.



  1. This makes me so happy I can hardly stand it!!

    Itzo EZ

  2. that looks like a totally uneffective 'hit' against blood. almost laughable. who is that fucking loud mouth in the background with the stupid blonde and pink hair? i HAAAAAAAAAATE seeing her at bouts.

  3. More blogging needed. You haven't mentioned anything about the scrimmage against ECRG. Dr. Snark N. Stien... are you injured and need help?

  4. I was worried that it might be impolite to go on and on about how GnR crushed those poor girls from Eugene?