Monday, December 21

GnR moving up!

A shout out to the following skaters that are now representing GnR on the Rose City Rollers Wheels of Justice and Axles of Annihilation travel teams!

Wheels of Justice

  • Axl Blows (GnR)
  • Blood Clottia(GnR)
  • Cadillac (GnR)
  • Chest-nutZ *
  • Hurricane Skatrina
  • J.K. Rolling
  • Layla Smackdown
  • Licker ‘n’ Split
  • Mercyful Kate *(GnR)
  • Mick U Cry
  • Mel Mangles *(GnR)
  • Mobi-wan-kanobi
  • Napalm Beth *(GnR)
  • Rhea Derange
  • Scrappy Go Lucky *
  • Scratcher in the Eye
  • Smack Ya Sideways *(GnR)
  • Sully Skullkicker
  • White Flight
  • Wreck Deckard *

Axles of Annihilation

  • Punchkin *(GnR), the newest member of Axles!

(* denotes roster additions or those that moved up to WoJ from AoA)


  1. Holy Defense, WoJ!

  2. And Cadillac is now been edited above, as the newest TT member of GnR!