Saturday, May 9

Scrimmage Friday 8 May

The scrimmage last night between GNR and an assortment of Washington State skaters was lots of awesome.

Grace Lightning—who's been out with a broken foot—is back in her own skates and is knocking other chicks out of theirs.

Both of GNR's newly drafted skaters were on the track: Sugar & Vice blocked in several jams, and Guts & Bolts took several spins as jammer.(And if they aren't Fresh Meat anymore, just what sort of meat are they?)

Cherry Lipsmacker's campaign to get Vixen Mary back into a GNR jersey was a short one with Vixen also skating last night. (Derby's a hard habit to kick. Didn't November Pain "retire" once?)

GNR also fielded a skater who—aside from pink spats and a jet black dye job—bore a striking resemblance to that Cadillac who skates with those pretty Breakneck Betties. The similarity was a coincidence, I'm sure.

And anyone who missed the scrimmage also missed the skating of some robot-sent-from-the-future-to-destroy-us-all that they brought down from north of the Columbia. She sped, skipped, juked, hopped, slipped, skidded, and twisted through the pack like she was born with wheels for feet. I think at one point the GNR blockers threw Axl Blows at her just to knock the derby-bot out of bounds.


And only five bucks. (Which is cheap. Axl's fifty.)


  1. Photos of the scrimmage can be found here!