Saturday, May 9

New Skaters Drafted

Congratulations to the two skaters that GNR drafted earlier this week!

Joining GNR from Fresh Meat are Sugar & Vice and Guts & Bolts. These two promise to add a little more butt and a lot more rock to the GNR line up.

Sugar & Vice comes on primarily to add more blocking to the GNR pack.

I've also heard that she likes long walks on the beach, kittens, and pie. (Okay. I haven't really heard any of that.)

Guts & Bolts was also drafted, and we should look for her to start stepping up to the jammer line soon.

She has a degree in Interdimensionsal Relations. And she likes pie. (Lying again. Sorry.)

I trust that GNR isn't choosing its draft picks based on how closely the skaters' names follow the "Guns & Rollers" model like both "Sugar & Vice" and "Guts & Bolts" here do.

I'm fine with them liking pie though.


  1. So - how the heck does this "draft" thing work? From where? How often? And how *does* pie figure into the equation?

  2. Richard-

    Skaters get drafted from the Fresh Meat team and onto home teams several times per year. The dates are picked at the beginning of the year, and Freshies work towards becoming "draftable" by those dates. To be draftable, skaters have to have certain attendance figures, minimum skills requirements, have attended team practices, etc...

    It's is usually a Tuesday night, every other month or so. The captains have a meeting, declare how many they intend to take onto their team's roster (up to 20 skaters can be on a roster), and they go around in order of the team's current league placement (ie. 1st place in RCR, 2nd place in RCR...), picking from the pool of eligible draftees.

    Probably more than you wanted to know.... But, it's a tough process! And only the best of the best end up earning a spot on a home team, with skaters working hard to make the cut.

  3. And, I have no idea about pie. Grant loves pie though! And so does GnR.

    For reals. Ask November Pain sometime.

  4. Great question Richard but more importantly thanks Gwen'nich for the answer. I always wondered how it work...and now I know! LoL.

  5. Hair pie? A-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha