Thursday, June 3

Some Things That Rock

Rolla Reina!

If you aren't friends with Rolla Reina on Facebook, then you haven't seen these amazing pics she did with Warface Photography.

If you are Facebook friends with Reina and have already seen these pics, then you're just going to have to suffer through them again. I'm very sorry.

Reina "retired" last season, but when Joan Jett appeared to her in a dream and told her that rock & roll didn't give a damn about the risk of injury or the overcommitment, and also that she loved Rolla Reina—not in a gay way but still definitely in a hot way—then Reina knew that her retirement was over.

Rolla Reina
Rolla Reina
Rolla Reina

As I said on her Facebooks, this Reina goes to 11!

And the photos that gave Joan Jett no choice but to visit Reina in a dream were taken by Warface Photography, which is what Megahurtz—former skater for Wheels of Justice (and Breakneck Betties, but we forgive her—look at the pictures!)—calls herself when she's holding a camera.

(Anyone who has actual contact info for Warface Photography please get it to me, so I can shamelessly plug her here.)

Reina made her re-debut skating for Team Evil and helping them stomp the guts out of Team Good. (Did anyone really think that Good was going to win that bout? Really. Evil always wins.) And I hope she made the roster for tomorrow's semi-final bout against the eeeeevil Heartless Heathers. (Wait, does that mean GnR can't win against the Heathers because they're evil? And I'm on the side of GnR, so doesn't that make them the good team? But there's no way that rock & roll plays for the side of Good. So when GnR wins, does that mean that mean that Good and Evil have both won? Wow, this is a lot like those fucking magnetshow do they work? Such a conundrum. This whole good and evil thing is very confusing.)

Um, so yeah, good or evil, G-N-R G-N-R!

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  1. Grant got off the pain medicine long enough to blog! Yay Grant!

  2. That's "Snark" not "Grant."

    Or "Dr. Snark N. Stein" to you.

    (I was told I have to own my derby name.)

  3. Reina is Smoking Hot, an amazing lady, she keeps her team rocking, she is a team player and an awesome derby skater...

    I <3 Reina!


  4. good lord almighty what the hell is going on that third picture makes me think naughty dirty, nay, pornographic thoughts.