Monday, January 18

Secret GnR Video Released

As part of our ongoing efforts to dig up more salacious info and to maybe even verify some of the gossip we've heard about GnR, we snuck a camera into their secret strategy session they held last week at an undisclosed location.

Unfortunately, we did not find out if GnR has really made a pact with Satan or if Santa brought Napalm Beth any cake.

In fact, it looks like our camera may have been discovered. [Note](It was in Mullet's phone. I thought it was genius. Who would look in their telephone for a camera?)[Note] And here is the footage we were able to recover:

I'm a bit skeptical about all this. I for one do not believe that they have been to Mongolia. Not all of them anyway.

What do you think? Is there a GnR deal with the devil? Has Napalm Beth gotten the cake she wants? Have the GnRs trained in Mongolia?

Speculate away!

\m/ \m/


  1. i never get invited to Mongolia!

  2. I ate cake in Mongolia.

  3. I'm doubtful, Napalm. I want proof! Pictures, please. :)