Wednesday, February 15

Going for the Green

Greetings, rockers! Are you ready to cheer your beloved Guns N Rollers on to another victory? You'll get your chance this Saturday, when your ladies in black take on the #1-ranked High Rollers at 6:00pm in the hangar. Oh, the anticipation...

GNR is fresh off their impressive win against the Heartless Heathers in the Season 7 Opener and are looking to add another win to their record. They've been working hard and talking a lot of strategy, which will be an important element to defeating the High Rollers. The High Rollers play a smart game, controlling the pack and setting up solid walls to stymie the opposing jammer. Slippery HR jammers like Napoleon Blownapart need very little help getting through the pack, which means the High Rollers blockers can afford to ease up on offense and focus solely on defense. HR blockers are a formidable force when there are two or more of them, but they sometimes struggle when isolated. The key to GNR's success will be to control the pack and to keep HR from forming those mighty walls of green. It's a difficult task to keep a High Rollers jammer from racking up points, but GNR will be able to give HR a run for their money as long as they can help get their jammers through the pack.

This will be a tough battle, but I am beyond thrilled to be able to say that GNR has a real shot at beating the High Rollers. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Havana Goodtime/Frank N Hurter blocking duo. I can't wait to watch GNR's own slippery jammer Squid Vicious sneak her way through the pack. I have a feeling Scald Eagle will be pulling double-duty as both a jammer and a blocker. I forsee a high-scoring, super-intense, possibly chaotic bout. I fully intend to lose my voice (and probably my mind).

Roster Report (well, rumors, really)...

The High Rollers may be down a couple of key skaters, including Napalm Beth and Hurricane Skatrina. It is also rumored that Napoleon Blownapart will be a game-time decision due to some knee issues. And while I hate to see amazing skaters felled by injury, I don't mind the implications for GNR.

In Other News...

New travel-teamers Supa Sixpack, Juvie Hall, and Braidy Punch made the trip down I-5 last weekend to skate with the Axles of Annihilation at the Big O Tournament in Eugene. Yours truly went to cheer them on, of course. Despite taking a shot to the face early in the game, Sixpack was a lithe, muscle-y little menace on the track, jamming a ton in her first bout on the travel team. Braidy was her usual deadly self, making smart platys on the track and knowing exactly where she needed to be at all times. And Juvie Hall! Seriously, you guys. This girl is a fantastic positional blocker. If you're able to peel your eyes away from the phenom that is Scald Eagle, look for Juvie. You'll be glad you did. Congrats on your win, ladies!

And finally...

The hangar has new port-a-potties! Ok, this has nothing to do with GNR, but I am damn excited about the shiny new facilities parked outside the hangar. How fancy are they? The first time I saw them I thought it was a food cart. That's how fancy.

See you all at the hangar on Saturday! Rock on! \m/ \m/


  1. Saturday's roster:

    Artemis Foulmouth
    Awnry O'Hulligan
    Braidy Punch
    Dirty Ann Rotten
    Frank N Hurter
    Harajuke A Girl
    Havana Goodtime
    Juvie Hall
    Roller Eclipse
    Scald Eagle
    Scouts Onher
    Squid Vicious
    Supa Sixpack
    Tyger Bomb
    Untamed Shrew
    Va Va BOOM

  2. yeah, I'm not skating due to a torn AC joint. Big BOOOO to that. looking forward to what will be the best bout so far this season. see you there!