Thursday, October 1

Another Fundraiser on Rocktober 9th!

If you went to the last GnR fundraiser at The Tube, you know it was a whole lot of awesome, and you know that you don't want to miss the GnR fundraiser coming up on the 9th at Plan B.

On the other hand, if you missed the last GnR fundraiser at The Tube, it was a whole lot of awesome, and you won't want to miss the GnR fundraiser coming up on the 9th at Plan B.

The fundraiser at Plan B is slightly more complicated than the one at The Tube, so you may want to pay close attention here. First, this fundraiser will be at Plan B not at The Tube. Some of you may have misunderstood last time and not gone to The Tube, and you don't want to screw up like that again. So on the 9th, you must go to Plan B.

Second, this fundraiser will cost you five bucks. No, you don't get in free because you're pretty or cool or whatever. No, it won't cost you more than five bucks if you're not pretty or cool or whatever. It's five bucks. For everyone.

Third, there are bands. You don't have to pay attention to the bands, they'll play whether you pay attention or not. But they will be there. And you will pay five dollars.

If you miss this fundraiser, then you will not experience all of the great rock-tastic wonderfulment that is a GnR fundraising event.

Raised Lighter

For example, you will miss great rock-tastic wonderfulment like The Tube fundraiser's Raised Lighter Moment™ when Rocket Mean upon arriving declared to all:

Attention, lesbians! Rejoice, for I am wearing a push-up bra!

See, you do wish you hadn't missed that.

And now I am off to western regionals in Denver.

I'll be tweeting as @SnarkOnTheRocks if you care to be updated as to how the Wheels of Justice will roll over all challengers and carry the rose banner of all that is good and awesome to justly deserved victory!



  1. Sounds like a blast, I plan on being there.

    Just to be clear, the party is at the Tube, right? And glad to hear there's no cover charge!

  2. Party is @ Plan B- starts at 9.. And, there is a $5 cover. Rockin deal for all the rockin you'll get. AND, there will be a Skate Massage.. Curious?? Come out and check it!! See you there! xoxo

  3. Skate massage??? I'm picturing a bunch of roller girls skating on my back.