Thursday, August 20

Welcome To The Jungle

Congrats to Mercyful Kate and Suki Hana who were drafted from Fresh Meat onto GnR on Tuesday night.

GnR couldn't resist picking up a skater with a rocking derby name like Mercyful Kate. Originally a Rainy City Roller Doll along with Napalm Beth, she's a regular with the Axles of Annihilation and a former High Roller who decided that sparkly green and purple didn't go well with her red hair. Making an unorthodox choice in the roller derby world, she decided to change her uniform rather than her hair. Don't you think she'll be stunning in black? (And pink? And leopard print? And tiger? And rainbows? And all?)

Suki Hana
Suki Hana

Suki Hana is rumored to have played for a league far, far away, so we'll have to check into that and see what cheap tricks new tactics she's brought along with her.

I don't know Suki yet, and her pic was shamelessly fished out from the modern inter-webs (discuss: "google" vs. "creepy"), so if you do know her, tell us more in the comments.

Former GnR captain Viva Vendetta and Fresh Meat skater Penny Dreadful were picked up by the High Rollers at Tuesday's draft. The Breakneck Betties drafted Frisky Sour, and the Heartless Heathers added Hard Candy and Knotty to their roster.

Be sure to congratulate the former Fresh Meat and free agents who've found new homes. A good place to do that would be at Saturday's Wheels of Justice bout with the Muñecas Muertas of Duke City (for which very, very few tickets are remaining).


  1. Congrats to you both! Glad to have you join the rockin' ranks!!!

  2. Hell yes.

    But can somebody 'splain to me how Viva is now a High Roller?!? What's the story?

  3. VV hung up her Butt Rock and headed for greener pastures. As Grant put it, "After four seasons skating for GnR, Viva figures that she's probably only got one or two seasons left in her (see previous post about how long skaters can keep this up), and she wants to see what things are like skating for a different team." We all wish her well and look forward to seeing her on the track.

  4. I know that Suki Hana chick...She's one bad Mother Trucker!!!:)Wink Wink
    Its true, I do come from a tiny island far away called Maui, HI and I have traded in my Leis and Bikinis for Some leopard print and rock and roll!!!!:) Im so excited to skate with the Girls that are gonna take it all in 2010!!!

  5. woooo! congrats murph! MERCY FU!

  6. YES! Rainy City finally knows who to root for in a HR vs GNR bout!

  7. So excited to be butt rockin my way in to 2010 on GnR's world domination tour!

    And ofcourse to be reunited with my long time counterpart, Napalm Beth-lets show em' how things work ala RAINY style!

    Thanks to everyone for their support, Suki-can't wait to get skatin' with you and the rest of GnR!


    p.s. When do I get my rainbow socks?

  8. Congrats to Mercyful and Suki!
    I am so excited to skate with you, Suki for the first time and Mercyful FOREVER.

  9. Mercyful Kate asked:
    "When do I get my rainbow socks?"

    I always thought that potential GnRs already had their own rainbow socks.

    Isn't that how GnR decides on their draft picks? They pick the skaters with the rainbow socks?

  10. Best of luck, ladies. For some inspiration, check out the roller derby related videos at, including this one -- -- about the "aha moment" of a young woman who credits roller derby for saving her soul. Enjoy.

    Thanks --

  11. Thanks, Grant for finding a picture of Suki Hana. My dog is named Suki incidentally and, well, if they were allowed in derby, ----ok this is going no where fast---my dog is named suki because that's a favorite name of mine.

    Why do I mention this you ask? Why do I albeit 'potentially' insult a new GNR skater? WEll, to let you know that if you thought I yelled loud before, THIS is the name I can yell the loudest. That's why.

    And very happy to have Mercyful Kate on the team. I will have to practice this yelling, however.